World Citizen Calendar 2018


Due to the success of last year, having funded the Global Youth Calendar via Kickstarter, we decided to continue making calendars from now on. This year its the World Citizen Calendar, featuring photographs from around the world. Also it highlights some of the United Nations World Days. Have a look and get one (or two, or many :). The recommended donation for one calendar is 6 EUR.

Again we tried to design a beautiful useful calendar that people can also use as postcards. Second, we want to promote the idea of World Citizenship and third to learn how to develop our own crowdfunding concept. Soon you will beable to support all our projects through our own crowdfudning page. We are very happy to have achieved this with the second Calendar that is now available on here. If your interessted in getting a calendar please do contact us. We will be happy to send one to you.

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Contact: Wolfgang Sieberth

Here a little preview:

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