Local reporting: What’s happening in Egypt?

By Aly Nour, 5th July 2013

I have been asked this question lately from many of my friends worldwide, who cares about me personally and who care about what is happening in Egypt. I thought that it is better to write a little description for the situation from my point of view.

After a movement started months ago called “Tamarod” means rebellion, they collected over 22 million signatures of the Egyptians to remove the Mursi’s regime

We had the biggest revolution ever in the history of mankind on the 30th of June as CNN called it, more than 30 million Egyptians went to the streets in all the Egyptians cities asking the Egyptian president Mursi to step down, the demonstrations were described to be peaceful and civilized to the maximum and what was incredible that there was no leader for this revolution directing the movements. On the other hand the regime supporters were also there in the streets and calling Mursi to stand still.

The problem that was happening is that people were strongly charged against each other, I know friends of mine one brother is Pro Mursi and the other is against, they stopped talking to each other, and they were fighting all the times, simply what Mursi did in a year is that he dived the society significantly.

The other thing that charged the people towards the 30th of June movement was that Mursi was elected to be a president one year ago according to a plan and a strategy that he promised to fulfill, there was a short term plan in 100 days that he promised to achieve what I would say impossible targets, at the end of the 100 days they didn’t achieve 10% of what they promised to achieve, but the worst thing that happened is that he made lies about that and he went out to people in a speech saying lying statistical data that shows that he achieved 70 – 80 % of what he promised. He started losing the people who voted for him and sported him gradually by both his failure in managing the country, or even clarifying the situation with the supporters, but the worst thing is the losing the Egyptian people’s faith.

More than 40% of the Egyptians unfortuenally are below poverty line, and for them politics is a luxury somehow, because they think first about their principal life needs from food, accommodation, and clothes. Those people who were always during Mubarak’s regime the main obstacle in the democratic game, because it’s called an easy buy vote, you can get their support by money or services easily. But now at that moment when a huge number of those people are affected directly then they will act crazy to live, they participated heavily in the revolution of the 30th of June together with other Egyptian’s categories who were affected somehow by the failure after failure of Mursi’s regime. Gas stations didn’t have gas most of the times, there is an electricity problems and electricity cut off almost every day, traffic problems increased significantly, economic situation of the country became horrible, the Egyptian pound lost almost 30% of its value to other currencies, then you find Mursi come out on a speech to talk about his achievements and that people from the former regime that was removed on the 25th of January’s revolution. Well that was true to some extent, the people of the former regime called as “flool” were against them, but they ruled the country after a revolution and they should have expected that and have a plan to work against that, they gave promises and they couldn’t fulfill it, all of us saw Egypt sinking in front of our eyes.

The succeeded in gaining the hatred of the Egyptians, by directing their speeches to the MB( Muslim Brother hood people) only, they ignore the rest of the people who voted for them and who didn’t vote too, when they forced the new Egyptian constitution of Egypt to be formed, even though all people were against that, they managed on somehow to get the approval of those who went to the referendum on the constitution by using religious pressures on the people, they use the religion all the time because people couldn’t argue when its god’s worlds.

That was one of the main problems is that they made their supporters live in a dream that they are building what is called the Islamic nation and that they will do whatever it takes to form it, and they called who comes against them to be anti the formation of that nation or even anti religion. It was like a brain wash game, that they played amazingly good to control people, forgetting that almost 90 % of the Egyptians are Muslims and religious people, as well as 10 % of the Egyptians are Christians and they are also religious and the relations between the Muslims and the Christians are Egyptians and are neighbors, friends colleagues.

The army had to give a first ultimatum on the 22nd of June to all political parties to sit together and to contain the situation of the Egyptian’s people anger, then later on the 30th of June, the Army gave another ultimatum for the president and opposition to contain the situation within 48 hours or the army would interfere, later that night ex-president of Egypt Mursi came on speech on what is called the game over speech, he didn’t listen to the people’s demands nor to the army’s ultimatum, he only lived in the closed community of the MB that he is representing standing still in his position arrogantly, and not caring about the young people on fire in the streets who are willing to start a civil war against each other for others to be in control, he encouraged his supporters to defend his legitimacy, later that night 22 young people were killed from both sides after this horrible speech.

Egyptians saw no chance for him to stay where he is, ( it was in Mursi’s hands only to contain and control the situation, he could have called for stepping down from presidential role and calling for a presidential elections and to interfere with the army with the other political parties as well to draw the strategy for the transitional period, only for the sake of the critical situation that the country was passing by, and to protect the Egyptian blood either from MB people or from opposition people)

The Army had to surround the pro Mursi people with tanks then they separated the MB leaders and then tried to contain the feeling of the young brainwashed people who are pro Mursi seeing him the right man to form the Islamic nation, and they are imposing now that this war is for Islam, as if they are fighting with enemies, but they are fighting Muslims, and Egyptians too. I am sorry for what is happening in Egypt, and they threaten the people in executing terrifying actions, to be frank I am a Muslim and my religion is spreading peace, and it is totally against Islam nor any other religion, so for god sakes do they want terrorism to be the foundation for an Islamic nation, if people are terrifying their brothers and sisters Egyptians for the presidency and control shall that be called Islamic or religious?!

I believe the Army made what helped the people safe, other scenarios were really bloody, the people shall be aware of what’s happening until a fair system, constitution are formed including all political parties even MB, that would be the only way to build Egypt at the moment.

May God Bless Egypt, May God Bless the Egyptians and keep them united as they have ever been.

Aly Nour lives and works in Cairo/Egypt.

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