Local reporting: So what is really going on in Brazil?

By Bruno Lima Patrício dos Santos, August 12th, 2013

The wave of protests that has swept the country in recent weeks will go down in Brazilian political history as one of its defining moments. Not only the international community but also Brazilians themselves were surprised by the speed of the process and the dimensions of the popular movements that are still flaring up across the vast territory of Brazil. Opposition to government spending on the World Cup is just one among the broad and diverse range of grievances highlighted by Brazilians demanding improvement in their standard of living. In response to the construction of extravagant football stadiums, protesters hold signs bearing demands such as “We want hospitals and schools in line with FIFA quality standards” and “I want my money back from the World Cup, I need it for health and education”. The FIFA World Cup, to be hosted by Brazil in 2014, has become a rallying point in the battle against inequalities, social injustices and the political corruption that reigns in the largest country in South America.

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Local reporting: What’s happening in Egypt?

By Aly Nour, 5th July 2013

I have been asked this question lately from many of my friends worldwide, who cares about me personally and who care about what is happening in Egypt. I thought that it is better to write a little description for the situation from my point of view.

After a movement started months ago called “Tamarod” means rebellion, they collected over 22 million signatures of the Egyptians to remove the Mursi’s regime

We had the biggest revolution ever in the history of mankind on the 30th of June as CNN called it, more than 30 million Egyptians went to the streets in all the Egyptians cities asking the Egyptian president Mursi to step down, the demonstrations were described to be peaceful and civilized to the maximum and what was incredible that there was no leader for this revolution directing the movements. On the other hand the regime supporters were also there in the streets and calling Mursi to stand still.

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