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One of the most valuable features of the European Commissions efforts to support innovation in the field of learning and youth is its programme Erasmus+, specifically strategic partnerships. Generation Europa has joined a consortium of five other European Organizations to […]
GenerationEuropa was awarded the European Youth Award in 2015 for outstanding quality in implementing an Eramsus+ funded project. Specificaly the project “Local Democracy in a Changing World” was chosen as a best practice model in the category Training and Networking […]
We need innovation, a lot and fast! How to get people unlock their potential? Join self organized, non hierachical, learner centered educational events. Wolfgang Sieberth Designing educational processes is a pretty funny task. Because how to design a process, that […]
“Going Out There” is a project that wants to empower entrepreneurship. Specifically we want to invite multipliers, teachers, pedagogues, workshop leaders, moderators, knowledge-transferers, talkers, offerers, listeners, learners, well just everyone to join and increase their competences in offering learning spaces. […]
Here is what we did, what we do and what we will do. Find out about our future, the PRBW (peer-reviewed-businessplan-writing 🙂 or our other Erasmus+ cofunded projects. Have a look at this video, contact us for more information. See […]
Erasmus+: kann man das essen? Von 10. bis 12. Oktober finden europaweit die Erasmus+ days statt. Das bedeutet, dass fast 3.000 Organisationen weltweit an diesen Tagen das Programm Erasmus+ und vor allem aber Europa feiern. Das Kollektiv Generation Europa, frameworks: […]
47 participants from over 30 regions, 15 different languages, three different continents and one goal: create and realize ideas in the field of Human Rights Education. We have successfully completed our Contact Making Seminar EduACTor for Change. Our next project: […]
As of today, 13th of December 2017 you can donate to get our World Citizen Calendar 2018 here . Its a postcard calendar high lighting World Days decided by the United Nations General Assembly. Its the result of the Global […]
On 10th of December 2017 we published a little Campaign on dreams and Human Rights here. Have a look, share, comment, or juste enjoy. Its part of our #worldcitizen campaign, which is to raise awarenes on global subjects and contribute […]
Dear friends of the Postcard Calendar. We are happy to announce that also this year we have designed a World Citizen Calendar. We will anounce it shortly. Like last year its a postcard calendar displaying 12 photographs from around the […]
LAUNCH OF CALENDAR CROWDFUNDING Due to the success of last year, having funded the Global Youth Calendar via Kickstarter, we decided to continue making calendars from now on. This year its the World Citizen Calendar, featuring photographs from around the […]
Die Eurobrücke Tunesien 2015 ist ein Projekt zwischen Generation Europa und AVER, Tunesien. Seit 2015 verschickt Generation Europa Freiwillige nach Tunesien um künftig gemeinsam zivilgesellschaftliche Herausforderungen zu bewältigen. Ebenso geht es um die Entfaltung eines gemeinsamen Ideennetzwerkes, innerhalb der Global […]
Exploration, creativity and bussiness are now digital matters. The beauty, success and failure of all kinds of initiatives are profoundly influenced by digital tools. With the Digital Training Room (DTR) we will make a contribution, that enables individuals and groups […]
CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS Would you like to understand more of how the world is? Do you want to be part of the global society, trying to impact not only localy but globaly? Do you want to learn French and Arabic? […]
Together with our global partners we are developing the Global School. It consists of a series of educational measures taking place all over the world enhancing entrepreneurial thinking, global awareness in regard to engaging in global opportunities, exploring collaboration in […]
Now available, the Global Youth Calendar 2017, order it now by Email here (wolfgang.sieberth@generationeuropa.eu)! Thanks to our network and all supporters we were able to produce the Global Youth Calendar 2017! Have a look about the project here. plattform@generationeuropa.eu Together […]
We are happy to have achieved a crowdfunding campaign. We have reached over 200% of our funding goal within two weeks of our campaign. Together with the Youth Center in Perg, Magdalena, Philipp, Abas, Verena, Jean and Wolfgang we have […]
In 2016, Generation Europa was awarded the Austrian Youth Award Recnition in the category International Youth Projects. Specifically the project “Jump in!” with our Jordanian partner was awarded for outstanding quality and achievement. This project is a major element of […]
Generation Europa is hosting the global youth exchange every August. Some of the participants were interested in engaging in the work of Generation Europa, engaging in contributing to global education. One way of doing so became the Global Youth Calendar. […]
As of now, you have 13 days to support our cause and receive a post card calendar 2017. Generation Europa in cooperation with young people who participated in our last Global Youth Exchange has created this kickstarter campaign. The idea […]
In Zusammenarbeit mit AICEM, Italien arbeitet Generation Europa an der Konzipierung von Menschenrechtscampagnen. Ausgangspunkt war eine Study Session in Italien zum Thema. Gemeinsam erarbeiteten die TeilnehmerInnen Ideen zur Umsetzung von bewußtseinsbildenden Maßnahmen. In Wien arbeiten wir momentan an einem Social-Experiment […]
Wir freuen uns sehr am 6. Dezember zur Feier anlässlich des Österreichischen Jugendpreises als nominierte Organisation mitdabei sein zu können. Lets see what happens next. https://www.bmfj.gv.at/jugend/jugendarbeit/oesterreichischer-jugendpreis.html
Die Partnership Building Activity in Jordanien 2014 war ein Projekt von Generation Europa in Zusammenarbeit mit dem East-West Center in Amman. Ziel war es 20 MultiplikatorInnen zusammenzubringen um über erfolgreiche Projektpartnerschaften mit dem Mittleren Osten zu sprechen. Es wurden Projekte […]
Global Youth Exchange ist eine jährlich stattfindende Jugendbegegnung für Jugendliche zwischen 13 und 18 Jahren, zwei Wochen im August, in Wien. Über 60 Jugendlichen aus aller Welt wird hier ein Raum geboten gemeinsam an WeltbürgerInnenschaft und Technologie teilzuhaben. Ziel ist […]
Im Oktober 2014 habe ich meine Reise nach Jordanien angetreten: zwar kannte ich das Land schon von einer früheren Backpacker-Reise, aber dennoch war die Erfahrung in diesem Land zu leben noch einmal etwas ganz anderes und eine Möglichkeit für mich […]
Our desire to strengthen partnership with North Africa and the Middle East got supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. A six month volunteer programme is now put in place to enable cooperation,  inspiration and development in a […]