The Hyper Talk Project // Digital Training Room

Exploration, creativity and bussiness are now digital matters. The beauty, success and failure of all kinds of initiatives are profoundly influenced by digital tools. With the Digital Training Room (DTR) we will make a contribution, that enables individuals and groups to increase the scope of their ideas. The DTR will allow a different level of collaboration, identity management and development for innovation for prosperity of all and everything.

We believe, that the identity of people and groups has a digital aspect. Today its just an aspect, in the distant future it might be all of our identity. It is necessary, rewarding and fun to create and work on digital tools that strengthen the competence of individuals and groups to


1. be aware of digital identity and
2. to be able to consciously influence the digital identity governance/management.

We dream of a world where we can have ideas, understand ideas, and make ideas a reality. Everyone, all the time, with everybody for everyone. We dream of imagination becoming a reality, our creativity getting to live, because we understand it, because we have a tool that helps us to grow creativity, make us grow as an individual and as a group. We would like to create a technology that enables individuals and groups to use more potential of their ideas, training and entrepreneurial aspirations for them selves and the comunity they live in.

With the DTR project Generation Europa plans to achieve:

1. a digital platform that increases the successrate of knowledge transfer; and

2. preparation of individuals and groups to increase their idea realization potential

The DTR will allow currently available technologies to be linked visualized and meaningfully operable by any person with access to the internet. Learning will not only be an individual effort, or an experience only accessed by certain gender or nationality, it will be an experience everyone can participate, alone or as a group.

Generation Europa has gathered a team that is developing this platform. We have tested preliminary concept sketches in 2016 within the framework of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action framework (TC/YE Social Diplomacy – Mindmapping Opportunities, MTM Weimar and the Council of Europe Seminar (Re)wind.

For any further information please contact Wolfgang Sieberth ( or connect to

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