Global Youth Calendar

Generation Europa is hosting the global youth exchange every August. Some of the participants were interested in engaging in the work of Generation Europa, engaging in contributing to global education. One way of doing so became the Global Youth Calendar. We went to the youth center in Perg and together developed the crowdfunding idea. We wanted to achieve three main objectives: First, to design a beautiful useful calendar that people can also use as postcards. Second, we wanted to promote the idea of global education and third to learn how to use Kickstarter and their crowdfunding concept. We are very happy to have achieved this with the first Global Youth Calendar that is now available on our website.

The first Global Youth Calendar was produced in 2017 and is now available on our website. If you wish to make a donation, we would be glad to send you the Global Youth Calendar 2017. See the section here on how to donate.

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Contact: Wolfgang Sieberth

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