Our mission is to develop social entrepreneurship, to support everyone to develop ideas, to take advantage of well designed collaboration, to contribute to the prosperity of the global society and to achieve wellbeing. We would like to offer this opportunity to everyone. That is why we develop and promote global education.

Todays world demands for new solutions and amongst the troubles of our times, there is great potential to be realized.

If you feel that this is also your idea, do join our efforts.

Here is how:

  1. Become part of our team
    We are open to any kind of collaboration. At this point we do not offer jobs, we create jobs with those who desire ideas. We are happy to discuss internship opportunities in our office or our network around the globe. We are not jet hosting European Solidarity Corps volunteers. Do contact us for further exploration.
  2. Donate resources
    Our projects need all kinds of materials. If you have a ton of old magazines, or old electronic devices that you dont need anymore, paper, flipcharts, pens, we have a need for many things. Please do contact us for information.
  3. Become a partner
    We want to network with all sectors of society. In our projects we would like to enable young people to experience entrepreneurship in real life. We have allreday partnered up with companies that want to get involved in global education and see a responsibility to do so. Partnership also include sponsoring and resource sharing. We would be glad to discuss partnership opportunities with you. Contact our partnership officer for any further inquiries.
  4. Donate money and receive the Global Youth Calendar 2018
    If you feel you want to support and boost our efforts to go to schools and contribute financially, please do donate to our cause. You can donate directly to the account of the organization or get intouch with us.
    ACCOUNT HOLDER: Plattform Generation Europa
    BANK NAME: Erste Bank
    IBAN: AT24 2011 1821 3388 1000