Fostering Global Perspectives
Embracing Diversity and Innovation in Non-Formal Education


Embracing Diversity and Innovation in
Non-Formal Education

The non-profit association Generation Europa was founded in summer 2010 with the aim of offering Europeans an institutional framework for the implementation of socially relevant project work.

The platform's guiding principle is to promote social potential against the backdrop of a new understanding of identity. For many global citizens, the focus is no longer on belonging to a nation state, but on shared values and the
individual qualities of the individual. Mobility, cultural diversity and multilingualism are not perceived as barriers or problems, but rather as the basis and wealth of a new generation. It is this new self-image that offers entirely
new opportunities for actively shaping society.

Corresponding with the associations statutes the associations activities can be either of scientific (organization of and participation in international conferences and researches) or practical nature as well as cultural (photo-competitions,
exhibitions, internet-platforms, festivals etc.).
We invite you to join us in our mission to promote creative potential and to develop new concepts for our society! Lets celebrate ideas together!


  • Wolfgang Sieberth

    Educator and European by heart. Since 2010, Wolfgang has been organizing projects on the subject of education and youth in the Generation Europa association. As the initiator of the Blue Whale Education Center, Wolfgang has fulfilled his dream.
  • RaedAl-Azawi

    Project Coordinator
    As a former ESK volunteer and Europe fanatic, Dave joined the association. Dave Kock is one of the leading forces behind the blue whale project. He is a trained retail salesman and self-employed as a web designer.
  • Matee Tareen

    Mateeullah Tareen is a seasoned researcher and project organizer. Matee has contributed significantly to projects ranging from youth robotics to policy-making, including work in the Parliament of Pakistan. Holding a Master’s degree in Public Policy, he excels in project management, grant writing, and has a keen interest in democratization processes and the societal impact of educated youth.