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We need innovation, a lot and fast! How to get people unlock their potential? Join self organized, non hierachical, learner centered educational events.

Wolfgang Sieberth

Designing educational processes is a pretty funny task. Because how to design a process, that intends to not intend? Because if we intend to educate with a certain predefined goal, doesn’t that mean we claim that we know whats best for each learner? Can anyone ever assume that wisdom? Probably not, no wait: I am certain that we can not. It is a profound and redicolous offense towards the human intellect to think that one can even be close to knowing what any human needs to learn. Sure, we have ideas about what we think helps, like learning to read and write, to develop logic and critical thinking, to be healthy, history, geography etc. but, to quote a 12 year old who goes to school right now: “What do these things have to do with my life?”. Nothing at that moment. So this is crucial! I am not sure, let me refrase that: It is utterly stupid to think we know what anyone needs in any given time. We can ask of course. But do learners even know what they want to learn? Well, here is maybe a first indication what education can and should be: empower the learner to know what they want to learn. But here is maybe another little joke: the human allways learns, the brain never stops learning, our brain even learns when we are asleep. So what is learning realy? That is a topic for another time, for now, how can the 12 year old progress, what does he need to develop his potential, talent, well most of all to develop his choice?

I believe that this is the most crucial question any educational activity can try to attempt, to mentor an open ended process, in which the individual gains control, depths and joy about what they can and want to achieve.

Going Out There is exactly an answer to this concept. Vera Gurinova, expert and master mind of cooperation in the field of education has developed this project together with us partners on the basis of needs that our organizations have. In three training courses and two intermediate phases, we will develop selfconfidence to go out into the world to achieve our own visions, but also to engage community in their visions. The first training course has already taken place and has brought together educators, entrepreneurs, artists, doers, thinkers and enjoyers. That group has started to create the basis for collective innovation. Generation Europa will engage in this process building a platform that will allow the exact same opportunity for people in the 20th district in Vienna. Generation Europa is exploring how to create a physical hub allowing for unintended education.

Coming up next: a Series of local meetings, to create a concept, to brand and go out there.

Stay tuned.

Wolfgang Sieberth, early childhood mentor and project manager

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Start-ups: new European initiative successfully started

„Going Out There“ is a project that wants to empower entrepreneurship. Specifically we want to invite multipliers, teachers, pedagogues, workshop leaders, moderators, knowledge-transferers, talkers, offerers, listeners, learners, well just everyone to join and increase their competences in offering learning spaces. We want practicioners to improve their service, increase their visibility and support the success of their activity. Generation Europa has partnered up to offer training and support. For more information contact wolfgang.sieberth@generationeurpa.eu

This project is funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme.

Erasmus+ kann man das essen?

Erasmus+: kann man das essen? Von 10. bis 12. Oktober finden europaweit die Erasmus+ days statt. Das bedeutet, dass fast 3.000 Organisationen weltweit an diesen Tagen das Programm Erasmus+ und vor allem aber Europa feiern. Das Kollektiv Generation Europa, frameworks: global citizens co-working und die BetterMaking organization veranstalten dafür ein eigenes Event und möchten dich gerne herzlich dazu einladen! Das Event findet am 10. Oktober 2019 im Allerheiligenpark in Wien statt. Von 15 bis 18 Uhr servieren wir euch feinstes syrisches, vegetarisches Essen, Getränke und inspirierende Gespräche über Erasmus+ und Europa. Außerdem hat uns das IZ – Verein für Vielfalt, Bildung und Dialog hübsche Erasmus+ Goodies zur Verfügung gestellt, die wir euch gerne schenken möchten. Teilt gerne diese Einladung und nehmt viele Leute mit, denn nur gemeinsam sind wir dieses großartige Europa und erschaffen mehr Lernmöglichkeiten für alle! Für alle Rückfragen sind wir gerne unter hello@bettermaking.org oder 0677/63107500 für euch erreichbar.

Aktivität gefördert durch Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion

Creating Spaces for Ideas

47 participants from over 30 regions, 15 different languages, three different continents and one goal: create and realize ideas in the field of Human Rights Education. We have successfully completed our Contact Making Seminar EduACTor for Change. Our next project: Scenario Europe 2050, looking into the future of education. You are interessted to join, collaborate, participate, create ideas: Contact us! We are ready.

Follow developments on our facebook page, contact us for more information. Its time we act.

This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme. For more information klick here.

CROWDFUNDING LAUNCH: World Citizen Calendar

As of today, 13th of December 2017 you can donate to get our World Citizen Calendar 2018 here . Its a postcard calendar high lighting World Days decided by the United Nations General Assembly. Its the result of the Global School Film and Animation Studio Workshop.

We are making this calendar because people asked us to do so 🙂 and the Global School participants developed their skill and potential realizing it. Its 12 post cards (you can strip off the calendarium) with pictures from all over the world. As last year this calendar is a product of our Global School curriculum. Last year young people from our Global Youth Exchange initiated the calendar. This year the volunteer programm in cooperation with Hungary supported the work for this claendar.

With the money that you donate we will continue to build the Global School. Next step: Setting up a comprehensive website and moving into our collaborative office in Vienna. In the future the Global School will network and empower ideas of people no matter of their background or past. We want to support all people to wake up every morning and feel: Now is the day to take action, to do the ideas I have and to enjoy this very moment together with others. The world offers opportunities, we need to make them accesible for all. Now. With you.

For more information please contact us at: wolfgang.sieberth@generationeuropa.eu