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We need innovation, a lot and fast! How to get people unlock their potential? Join self organized, non hierachical, learner centered educational events.

Wolfgang Sieberth

Designing educational processes is a pretty funny task. Because how to design a process, that intends to not intend? Because if we intend to educate with a certain predefined goal, doesn’t that mean we claim that we know whats best for each learner? Can anyone ever assume that wisdom? Probably not, no wait: I am certain that we can not. It is a profound and redicolous offense towards the human intellect to think that one can even be close to knowing what any human needs to learn. Sure, we have ideas about what we think helps, like learning to read and write, to develop logic and critical thinking, to be healthy, history, geography etc. but, to quote a 12 year old who goes to school right now: “What do these things have to do with my life?”. Nothing at that moment. So this is crucial! I am not sure, let me refrase that: It is utterly stupid to think we know what anyone needs in any given time. We can ask of course. But do learners even know what they want to learn? Well, here is maybe a first indication what education can and should be: empower the learner to know what they want to learn. But here is maybe another little joke: the human allways learns, the brain never stops learning, our brain even learns when we are asleep. So what is learning realy? That is a topic for another time, for now, how can the 12 year old progress, what does he need to develop his potential, talent, well most of all to develop his choice?

I believe that this is the most crucial question any educational activity can try to attempt, to mentor an open ended process, in which the individual gains control, depths and joy about what they can and want to achieve.

Going Out There is exactly an answer to this concept. Vera Gurinova, expert and master mind of cooperation in the field of education has developed this project together with us partners on the basis of needs that our organizations have. In three training courses and two intermediate phases, we will develop selfconfidence to go out into the world to achieve our own visions, but also to engage community in their visions. The first training course has already taken place and has brought together educators, entrepreneurs, artists, doers, thinkers and enjoyers. That group has started to create the basis for collective innovation. Generation Europa will engage in this process building a platform that will allow the exact same opportunity for people in the 20th district in Vienna. Generation Europa is exploring how to create a physical hub allowing for unintended education.

Coming up next: a Series of local meetings, to create a concept, to brand and go out there.

Stay tuned.

Wolfgang Sieberth, early childhood mentor and project manager

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Start-ups: new European initiative successfully started

„Going Out There“ is a project that wants to empower entrepreneurship. Specifically we want to invite multipliers, teachers, pedagogues, workshop leaders, moderators, knowledge-transferers, talkers, offerers, listeners, learners, well just everyone to join and increase their competences in offering learning spaces. We want practicioners to improve their service, increase their visibility and support the success of their activity. Generation Europa has partnered up to offer training and support. For more information contact wolfgang.sieberth@generationeurpa.eu

This project is funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme.

Stranger Whale – our short Erasmus+ project documantary

Here is what we did, what we do and what we will do. Find out about our future, the PRBW (peer-reviewed-businessplan-writing 🙂 or our other Erasmus+ cofunded projects.

Have a look at this video, contact us for more information.

See the video here: https://youtu.be/Vkq3kx2fSF4

This video was created by Sobhi Aksh, multimedia artist currently based in Vienna togetheSr with the participants of the eduACTor training course. This training course – cofunded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union – brought together world citizens from more than 15 regions world wide, speaking more than 20 languages. The objective was to network our organizations, learn and practice collaboration in order to find solutions for the challenges in our societies.

We support innovation for tomorow, bottom up, sustainable and selfdefined.


Erasmus+ kann man das essen?

Erasmus+: kann man das essen? Von 10. bis 12. Oktober finden europaweit die Erasmus+ days statt. Das bedeutet, dass fast 3.000 Organisationen weltweit an diesen Tagen das Programm Erasmus+ und vor allem aber Europa feiern. Das Kollektiv Generation Europa, frameworks: global citizens co-working und die BetterMaking organization veranstalten dafür ein eigenes Event und möchten dich gerne herzlich dazu einladen! Das Event findet am 10. Oktober 2019 im Allerheiligenpark in Wien statt. Von 15 bis 18 Uhr servieren wir euch feinstes syrisches, vegetarisches Essen, Getränke und inspirierende Gespräche über Erasmus+ und Europa. Außerdem hat uns das IZ – Verein für Vielfalt, Bildung und Dialog hübsche Erasmus+ Goodies zur Verfügung gestellt, die wir euch gerne schenken möchten. Teilt gerne diese Einladung und nehmt viele Leute mit, denn nur gemeinsam sind wir dieses großartige Europa und erschaffen mehr Lernmöglichkeiten für alle! Für alle Rückfragen sind wir gerne unter hello@bettermaking.org oder 0677/63107500 für euch erreichbar.

Aktivität gefördert durch Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion

Creating Spaces for Ideas

47 participants from over 30 regions, 15 different languages, three different continents and one goal: create and realize ideas in the field of Human Rights Education. We have successfully completed our Contact Making Seminar EduACTor for Change. Our next project: Scenario Europe 2050, looking into the future of education. You are interessted to join, collaborate, participate, create ideas: Contact us! We are ready.

Follow developments on our facebook page, contact us for more information. Its time we act.

This project has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme. For more information klick here.

Eurobridge Tunisia 2015

Die Eurobrücke Tunesien 2015 ist ein Projekt zwischen Generation Europa und AVER, Tunesien. Seit 2015 verschickt Generation Europa Freiwillige nach Tunesien um künftig gemeinsam zivilgesellschaftliche Herausforderungen zu bewältigen. Ebenso geht es um die Entfaltung eines gemeinsamen Ideennetzwerkes, innerhalb der Global Citizen Curriculums. Freiwillige verbringen 6 Monate in Tunesien und begleiten die Arbeit von AVER. Ebenso werden Kooperationen erarbeitet, wie etwa die Weiterentwicklung des Global Youth Exchanges und dem Global Citizen Curriculums. Gefördert wird dieses Projekt von der Europäischen Kommission im Rahmen des Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion Förderprogrammes, Generation Europa und AVER.

Find more information (in English) on the official website of the European Commission here!

The Hyper Talk Project // Digital Training Room

Exploration, creativity and bussiness are now digital matters. The beauty, success and failure of all kinds of initiatives are profoundly influenced by digital tools. With the Digital Training Room (DTR) we will make a contribution, that enables individuals and groups to increase the scope of their ideas. The DTR will allow a different level of collaboration, identity management and development for innovation for prosperity of all and everything.

We believe, that the identity of people and groups has a digital aspect. Today its just an aspect, in the distant future it might be all of our identity. It is necessary, rewarding and fun to create and work on digital tools that strengthen the competence of individuals and groups to


1. be aware of digital identity and
2. to be able to consciously influence the digital identity governance/management.

We dream of a world where we can have ideas, understand ideas, and make ideas a reality. Everyone, all the time, with everybody for everyone. We dream of imagination becoming a reality, our creativity getting to live, because we understand it, because we have a tool that helps us to grow creativity, make us grow as an individual and as a group. We would like to create a technology that enables individuals and groups to use more potential of their ideas, training and entrepreneurial aspirations for them selves and the comunity they live in.

With the DTR project Generation Europa plans to achieve:

1. a digital platform that increases the successrate of knowledge transfer; and

2. preparation of individuals and groups to increase their idea realization potential

The DTR will allow currently available technologies to be linked visualized and meaningfully operable by any person with access to the internet. Learning will not only be an individual effort, or an experience only accessed by certain gender or nationality, it will be an experience everyone can participate, alone or as a group.

Generation Europa has gathered a team that is developing this platform. We have tested preliminary concept sketches in 2016 within the framework of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action framework (TC/YE Social Diplomacy – Mindmapping Opportunities, MTM Weimar and the Council of Europe Seminar (Re)wind.

For any further information please contact Wolfgang Sieberth (ws@generationeuropa.eu) or connect to www.iame.lt

Global School, empowering potential

Together with our global partners we are developing the Global School. It consists of a series of educational measures taking place all over the world enhancing entrepreneurial thinking, global awareness in regard to engaging in global opportunities, exploring collaboration in an international setting and designing prosperity of individuals and community.

Password for Human Rights 16

In Zusammenarbeit mit AICEM, Italien arbeitet Generation Europa an der Konzipierung von Menschenrechtscampagnen. Ausgangspunkt war eine Study Session in Italien zum Thema. Gemeinsam erarbeiteten die TeilnehmerInnen Ideen zur Umsetzung von bewußtseinsbildenden Maßnahmen. In Wien arbeiten wir momentan an einem Social-Experiment dazu.

PBA Jordanien 2014

Die Partnership Building Activity in Jordanien 2014 war ein Projekt von Generation Europa in Zusammenarbeit mit dem East-West Center in Amman. Ziel war es 20 MultiplikatorInnen zusammenzubringen um über erfolgreiche Projektpartnerschaften mit dem Mittleren Osten zu sprechen. Es wurden Projekte im Bereich Umweltschutz, Bildung und Partizipation erarbeitet. Gefördert wurde dieses Projekt von der Europäischen Kommission im Rahmen des Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion Förderprogramms mit Cofinanzierung durch Generation Europa und dem East-West Center.

Kontakt: Wolfgang Sieberth

Global Youth Exchange 15

Global Youth Exchange ist eine jährlich stattfindende Jugendbegegnung für Jugendliche zwischen 13 und 18 Jahren, zwei Wochen im August, in Wien. Über 60 Jugendlichen aus aller Welt wird hier ein Raum geboten gemeinsam an WeltbürgerInnenschaft und Technologie teilzuhaben. Ziel ist es gemeinsam Ideen zu schmieden, inspiriert zu werden mit anderen Neues zu erleben, sich dem globalen Raum anzunehmen um ihn sinnvoll nutzen zu können. Dies ist ein inklusiv entwickeltes Projekt, das Menschen mit besonderen Bedürfnissen Unterstützung bietet. 


Gefördert wird dieses Projekt von der Europäischen Kommission im Rahmen des Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion Förderprogramms mit Cofinanzierung durch 18 ProjektpartnerInnen.

2015 nahmen 50 Jugendliche aus Portugal, Russland, Ägypten, Israel und Österreich teil. Ebenso Teil des Projektes ist ein MultiplikatorInnen Training bei dem die Jugendbegegnung nachbereitet wird, neue Lernkonzepte erarbeitet werden und allgemein eine internationale Partnerschaft vertieft wird. 2015 fand das MultiplikatorInnen Training in Armenien statt. Hier wurden Ideen und Konzepte erarbeitet, wie Jugendbegegnungen durchgeführt werden können.

For more information on the official website of the European Commission in English, click here!

This project was funded by the European Commission Youth in Action programme.

Eurobridge Tunisia 2015 – successful grant application and project launch

Our desire to strengthen partnership with North Africa and the Middle East got supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. A six month volunteer programme is now put in place to enable cooperation,  inspiration and development in a ‪#‎globalcitizen‬ society. We are looking forward to a profound partnership with the organization La Voix de l´Enfant Rural and Anis Sadaa from ‪#‎Medenine‬ / Tunisia. We also wish Lydia Letsch all the best for her engagement in Tunisia through this programme.

Digitale Demokratie, ein Kurs, eine Reise, eine Brücke

Von 22. Februar bis 1 März 2015 veranstaltet Generation Europa in Kooperation mit IDM und 11 weiteren Organisationen aus Russland, Georgien, Ägypten, Palestina, Israel, Deutschland, Azerbaijan, Italien, Weißrussland, Großbritannien und Spanien eine Fortbildung zum Thema Digitale Demokratie. Eine Woche lang werden sich 40 TeilnehmerInnen aus Jugendorganisationen mit ExpertInnen aus dem Bereich Sociale Medien Kompetenzen und Wissen aneignen, dass es ihnen und ihren Zielgruppen ermöglicht in ihren Gemeinschaften aktiv Teilhabe zu leben.

Am Schauplatz: Flea Cycle!

In der Reihe „Am Schauplatz“ bringt ORF 2 am Donnerstag den 27. Juni 2013 um 21:05 einen Beitrag mit dem Titel „Praktisch gratis“. Thema des Beitrags sind alternative Lebensweisen, abseits der Konsum­gesellschaft. Unter anderem wird dabei auch das Generation Europa-Projekt Flea Cycle! vorgestellt. Im Zuge der Dreharbeiten hat uns dafür ein ORF-Team während einer unserer Tauschrunden besucht, in der gebrauchte Dinge ohne Kosten und Bedingungen die BesitzerInnen wechseln.

Local Democracy in a Changing World

Im April trafen sich 40 Teilnehmer_innen aus 15 Regionen zu einer Lageanalyse von „Sozialen Medien und Demokratie“ im Bereich der Jugendorganisationen. Es war und ist ein schier unendliches Thema und genau das macht es spannend, denn auch die Möglichkeiten dieser neuen Technologien sind vielfältig. Wie können wir Bürger_innen, aber auch NGOs Soziale Medien nutzen um etwas zu verändern, um den Kurs der Dinge unserer Gesellschaften nicht stillschweigend zur Kenntnis nehmen zu müssen, sondern sie mitzugestalten? Und es gibt sie, jene Werkzeuge, die wir nutzen können, um – über Grenzen und Sprachbarrieren hinweg – gemeinsam die Weltgemeinschaft zu begreifen und sie zu nutzen. Es geht also künftig nicht nur um das Finden dieser Werkzeuge, sondern um das Erlernen und das Entwickeln neuer Werkzeuge um unsere Gesellschaften neu denken und leben zu können.

[Ethno Sport: Notre monde est en mutation comme le sont nos moyens de communication]
[Team for Youth: Experiență de viață pentru participanții de la seminarul din Viena]
[über:morgen: Die Ambivalenz sozialer Medien]

Digital Democracy Camp 2013 – Empowering 21st Century Communities

How do social media tools change the way we participate in democratic systems? How can we use these tools to realise our ideas, interests and dreams? Which possibilities do these new means of communication offer for our organisations? Within the seminar „Local Democracy in a Changing World“ participants from 15 countries including regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus will come to Vienna to discuss these questions.
As part of the seminar we also invite the general public to join the discussion. The Digital Democracy Camp 2013 (April 24th 9-17h, Ragnarhof) gathers people with various backgrounds to share their experience with social media and to reflect how these tools will change the way we organise our way of living together.
If you are interested, please have a look at the announcement of the barcamp here.

Next year: Local Democracy in a Changing World

Our World is changing and so are our means of communication.

“Local Democracy in a Changing World” is a seminar hosted by Generation Europa in Vienna from 21st until 27th of April 2013. The main objective is community empowerment by sharing and learning about experiences and innovative tools in the context of democratic participation.

How can we use the Internet for the realisation of our creativity, ideas, interests and dreams? What does the Internet offer for our organisations? Which tools can we learn to promote our projects?

For this seminar we come together to inspire each other and to exchange skills and know-how.

The open space is provided – use it!

How to participate? Join the discussion on localdemocracy.eu.